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 cadangan ku

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PostSubject: cadangan ku   cadangan ku Icon_minitimeFri Jul 20, 2007 8:10 am

bos jgn pakai hruf besa n tanda seru ek..aku cadangkan ko bat event..aper2 eevnt yg menarik lagi bez..
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PostSubject: Re: cadangan ku   cadangan ku Icon_minitimeSun Jul 22, 2007 1:47 pm

sperti monster sama kuat dengan giant hawk( Laughing )
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PostSubject: Re: cadangan ku   cadangan ku Icon_minitimeSat Jul 28, 2007 1:29 pm

nanti aku pertimbangkan
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PostSubject: Re: cadangan ku   cadangan ku Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 2:57 pm

lagi best buat blambak Baphometh kat padang skolah.. gerenti lag gile....... XD
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PostSubject: Re: cadangan ku   cadangan ku Icon_minitimeThu Aug 02, 2007 6:55 am

lagi best kalo skyran ada portal sendiri...dan guna domain semdiri...pastuh ada pulak client download yg boleh resume download...bab portal sendiri tuh aku bleh tolong...bab nak download client nih...aku tak boleh2 download habis lagi...ishkkk sedey aku aaa Sad
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PostSubject: Re: cadangan ku   cadangan ku Icon_minitimeTue Aug 07, 2007 10:22 am

lagi best kan skyran ni ade web sendiri blog sndiri,web sendiri...x tau wat ?

aku leh tlg..=,=
kalo ade register online lagi bagus..

sape nk tanye psl ape2 pm je aku ...uhuhuh
nk tanye psl software ke ape ke .bleh...

sape nk buat server ran sendiri
ni cara2 nye...~>

How To Create Your Own Server

Ran Server Installation Guide[Mixed Guide]

P.s. Before you read this Guide, and I know you will notice that some of this part taken from others Thread.
Im just doing this to make the guide more Clear for those people with hard headed like me^_^

Need to Install Files:

1. Install MSSQL 2000.
2. Install MSSQL Service Pack 4 (SQL2000-KB884525-SP4-x86-ENU)
3. Install .NEt 2.0 (dotnetfx.exe)
5. Install MSSQL 2005 Express Edition (SQLEXPR.exe)
6. Install MSSQL 2005 Management Studio (SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.exe)
After you Install all your MSSQL, let's move on the the server part.

How to attach the .MDF Data file (Using MSSQL 2005)

1. Open MSSQL Management Studio then connect
2. Right click Database, then select Attach
3. Click Add, then select RanGame1P_data.mdf, Click Ok, then Click Ok.
4. Do this Until RanUser_data.mdf

How to attach the .MDF data files Using MSSQL 2000

1. Cick on Start>Programs>Microsoft SQL Server>Enterprise Manager
2. Expand Microsoft SQL Servers>SQL Server Group>(local)(Windows NT)
3. Click on Databases. Right Click Databases>All Task>Attach Database>Click on the small box with 3dots [...] before the word Verify
4. Click on Drive C: or D: where ur ranserver files located X:\ranserver\randata, then select RanGame1, RanUser, RanLog. And Ur done with this part

Attention: If u notice I did not Include RanShop, because u need to make new database and name it to RanShop manually.

5. Right Click on Databases>New Database>name it to RanShop.
6. Rigth click on Ranshop Database folder>All Task>Restore Database>From Device>Select Device>Add>Click the 3dot [...]and point it to the RanShop.bak, where ur file located.
7. And your Done restoring your .MDF files, you have now ur four(4) Databases.

Congrats All your Files has been restored properly!
Let's move on the the server part Ip Editing.

How to configure RAN Server

1. Open CFG folder inside your ran server (d:\ranserver\cfg\)
2. Open agent.cfg with notepad.
3. Change to your IP Address ( - LAN IP)
4. Dont change if you have to play on the same PC (unit)
5. Change user_odbc_user and user_odbc_pass to your own.
6. Change it from user database settting, game database setting,log database and shop database
7. Do it the same procedure to field_0, field_1, field_2, login, and session CFG's.
8. You have now your ran server config success.

How to configure DATA folder of your RAN Server

1. Notice that you only have the GLogicServer folder in your data folder, right? It is because you extract the required data (Required_data.rar) here.
2. Go to Data folder of your client. (Usually it is in C:\Program files\e-games\RAN\data\)
3. Copy this following folder from your client to server data folder
a. glogic f. object k. gui
b. skinobject g. skin
c. effect h. map
d. skeleton i. editor
e. animation j. piece
(this folders are found in your client data folder)
4. So, you have now 12 folders inside your Server Data Folder.
5. If you run the server right away, you will have a error "ITEMTYPE Error"!!! blah blah blah
6. How to fix it? Open your glogic folder of you server data folder.
7. open glogic.rcc with winrar (if you dont have winrar, download it now and install it or else you will not be able to open the glogic.rcc )
8. Now, open the glogic.rcc with winrar and find comment.txt, double click the comment.txt
9. After you open the Comment.txt, find ITEMTYPE (Use Ctrl+F "shortcut key for Find")
10. So, you find it huh? Delete the line then change it with this code:

ITEMTYPE Weapon Tool,Arrow,Pharmaceutical,Teachnical abillity's book,Revert's Book,authentication book,Polish Dose,Magic Incantations,Bus Ticket,SkillPointReset,StatPointReset,Skill_StatPo intReset,Gift Box,Forgetful Detergent,Megaphone,Smoke and Fire,Character Add,Inventory Add,Warehouse Add,Warehouse Connection,PremiumBox,Individual' Store,RandomBox,separate costume,Hair Transformation,Face Transformation,? Item,Authentication CD,GoToFriend,SummonClub,HairTicket

11. Save it (Ctrl+S), "Do you want to update it from the archive?"... of course, click Yes!
12. Close the glogic.rcc
13. You are now ready to run the ran server.

Install your RAN Client

1. If you have a CD Installer (You will need a CD Rom)
2. If you have only download it, no need to use a CD Rom
3. Install it.
4. No need to update.

How to install RAN Server

1. Extract the RAN Server (RanServer-Repack.rar) by Personified
2. Extract it any drive (ex. D:\)
3. So, will have now d:\ranserver\
4. Extract the required data (Required_data.rar) in d:\ranserver\data\, but select only the Glogicserver folder
5. You have now the Ran Server installed.

How to prevent 100% CPU Usage (I used this program its make my CPU Usage 100% below.)

1. Download and install "Process Tamer"

How to change your server name

1. open your gameextext_pe (for philippines), find WORD,SERVER_NAME,10 under this line change the first one to your server, ex:
RAN OFFLINE Server,Strife Server,Server2,Server3,Server4,Server5,Server6,Ser ver7,Server8,Server9

How to change your channgel name

1. open your gameextext_pe (for philippines), find WORD,SERVER_CHANNEL,1
, user this line change the first one to your server, ex:
Channel V

How your client to connect to server

1. go to your client directory
2. open param.cfg
3. Change LoginAddress to your IP address
4. Finish, you will now connect to your server.

How to run RAN Server

1. Session Server, Start
2. Login Server, Start
3. Field_0, Start
4. Field_1, Start
5. Field_2, Start
6. Agent Server, Start

I hope this tutorial helps. If you have questions regarding this tutorial, post it!

Credits goes to Croufiuz The BesT~
Ini untuk Admin care 2nk wat web ran sendiri ....

To make your website success read this part and add this column yo your SQL 2000


Register Page (add 10 Character Card each account), Exchange gold to Point, Change Pass/Pass#2/Email, Reset Error Login ID, Item Mall & Rank Page.

1. Change PurKey in ShopPurchase table from varchar(21) to bigint( and set Identity to Yes at RanShop database and run query from RanShop-ItemMap.rar.
Or delete database RanShop, Make Database RanShop then restore from RanShop.bak

2. Add Coloum UserEmail (varchar,50) and UserPoint (int,4) to UserInfo table at RanUser database.

3. Install webserver, extract rancp.rar and change ip, db username & password at config.php.

4. Download php.rar, extract to c:\php, copy php.ini from c:\php to c:\windows or c:\winnt, copy 2 files in c:\php\bin to c:\windows\system32 or c:\winnt\system32.

5. Download zend.rar and install it.

6. Last, use this GLogic.rar if items problem exist.


Credits goes to Croufiuz The Best~


I took this GM CMD from thread of FlawLessX
GM Commands:

Untuk Event

CMD for GM

Rates commands:
Add exp porcentage:/eventexp_begin + porcentage(integral value)

Add item drop porcentage:/eventitem_begin + porcentage(integral value)

Add money drop porcentage: /eventmoney_begin + porcentage(integral value)

Misc Events:

All characters with big head:/bighead on(or off)

Big Hands on all chars(the weapons will be big too):/bighand on(or off)

Characters managements:

Shows character full info: /charinfo_cn +character name

disconnect user: /kickuser +chaid(in DB will be:CHANUM column, use /charinfo_cn to see it)

Move commands:

Move to a gate : /move2gate +gatecode( integral value, quick spelling is :/m2g)

Move to a coord: /move2pos +mapindex+0+X+Y (quick spelling:/m2p)

Character trace: /move2char +charname(quick spelling:/m2c)

Other Commands

/freepk on or off
/kickuser charname
/visible on or off
/m2c charname
/move2char charname
/weather clear and off clear none leave spore snow begin rain
/fps_limit on or off


For now I made this just to make other people read and Use their common sense and not to depend others work, instead searching and use their common sense to learn new ideas.
For now im making a guide using MSSQL 2000 on how to attach .mdf files, because for me im using MSSQL 2000. I understand that there's a lot of Noob like mE^_^ trying to make their server SUCCESS but always remember the best ANSWER to all your problem is use ur COMMON SENSE and use the SEARCH button here, if you cant find the answer thats the time you need to ask.


Download RAN-CP: Ran-CP

Ran-CP Fix

Born to Play

Special From Croufiuz The Best~
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cadangan ku
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